Conquer Hearts?

— Cooke, Thomas (1703-1756)

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Printed for M. Cooper
Conquer Hearts?
Metaphor in Context
Pleas'd we see, O! Goddess, there
  Helpless Innocence thy Care,
  By thy Vot'rys call'd to Life,
  Rescued from the bloody Knife,
  From a painful State of Sin,
  From the Pangs of Guilt within:
  Plac'd by thee in Virtue's Cell,
  With the Cherub Health they dwell,
  By Industry's careful Hand
  Render'd useful to the Land,
  By Religion taught to know
  What to thee and Heav'n they owe.
  Rescued from an early Grave
  Many fair, and many brave,
  May in these and future Days
  Conquer Hearts and merit Praise.
  Blakes and Russels yet unborn
  May the British Deck adorn,
  And, in Arts of Tillage wise,
  Hence may Columellas rise.
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An Ode on Benevolence: To Which Are Prefixed Observations on Education, Taste, and Poetry (London: Printed for M. Cooper, 1753).
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