"His Hope revives, fresh Courage steels his Heart."

— Browne, Moses (1706-1787)

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Printed for A. Millar [etc.]
"His Hope revives, fresh Courage steels his Heart."
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As one, belated on some perilous Road,
(Whom, a fresh Rumour of Night-Murder done
Thrills with sad Damp) at his own Tread dismay'd
Stops listning oft, then speeds him faster on:
If in the Window of some friendly Lodge
His Eye, at length, discerns a Taper's Gleam,
His Hope revives, fresh Courage steels his Heart.
So on his Way the heavenly Pilgrim bent:
Thro' the World's Waste, this howling Wild of Prey,
(Kept by the Murderer Satan fast in quest)
Looks to the Lamp of Gospel Promises;
In fainting Fears his Sustentation sweet,
Of Cordial full; with God his saving Strength,
A Shield to fend, a Sun to light and cheer;
With Christ, by gracious Imputation made
His Righteousness; that white imperial Robe
By Saintly-Sp'rits Regenerate worn, and pure:
Espous'd by Faith to Heaven's sole Heir the Lamb.
And in his Breast the holy Comforter
Inhabiting, with evidential Seals,
What shall he dread? tho' (from his Father's Home
Absent and far) Hell's Snares in Ambush thick
Beset his Path, what shall God's Fav'rite dread?
Thro' his worst Thralls assur'd to persevere.
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