"Nature's bright Mirrour in thy Bosom shone"

— Jones, Henry (1721-1770)

Place of Publication
Printed by and for S. Powell
"Nature's bright Mirrour in thy Bosom shone"
Metaphor in Context
Thy Genius here in early Bloom appears
A hopeful Promise of thy riper Years.
If now thy Dawn of Thought such Light displays,
How strong the Lustre of thy Noon-tide Blaze?
The Morning Star thus, with a milder Ray,
Doth gently glimmer at the Gates of Day.
Unnumber'd Beauties in thy Grotto shine,
And Judgment triumphs in the fair Design;
The charming Incidents so aptly fall,
They look like Art, yet Nature shines through all.
Here mossy Mounds impending seem to swell,
That from their Veins effuse the gushing Rill;
The Rill o'er spangling Pebbles seems to glide,
With Shells of Amber glitt'ring at its Side,
That mid the Gloom reflect a Silver Ray,
As Planets twinkle in the Dusk of Day.
Angels' Ideas in thy Mind arose,
And whisp'ring Graces taught thee to dispose:
Nature's bright Mirrour in thy Bosom shone,
And she, with Blushes, saw herself outdone:
To you, profuse, she lavish'd all her Store
Of Matter freely, but of Fancy more.
Not all the Gems, which Indian Mines prepare,
Can with that Ruby in thy Soul compare:
Its bright'ning Blaze like Aaron's Breast shall shine,
Alike refulgent, and alike divine.
Delightful Earnest of my future Lays,
Which wake my Wonder and excel my Praise.
O could my Verse with equal Fervour flow!
My Bays immortal, mix'd with thine, should grow.
Beneath th'Indulgence of a Mother's Eyes,
Thy fruitful Genius early learn'd to rise:
The happy Influence on so rich a Soil
An Harvest yields, that crowns her tender Toil.
So where the Eastern Sun its Beams bestows,
The Brilliant brightens, and the Lilly glows.
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See Poems on Several Occasions. By Henry Jones. (Dublin: Printed by and for S. Powell, in Crane-Lane, 1749). <Link to ESTC>
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