"Love only could conquer so stubborn an heart"

— Wesley, John and Charles

"Love only could conquer so stubborn an heart"
Metaphor in Context
How mighty Thou art,
  O love, to convert!
Love only could conquer so stubborn an heart.
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At least 18 entries in ECCO and ESTC (1747, 1749, 1750, 1751, 1755, 1756, 1761, 1765, 1768, 1769, 1770, 1773, 1776, 1779, 1781, 1788).

See Hymns for Those That Seek, and Those That Have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ. (London: Printed by W. Strahan: and sold by Thomas Trye and at the Foundery, 1747). <Link to ESTC>

Text from The Poetical works of John and Charles Wesley, Ed. G. Osborn, 13 vols. (London: The Wesleyan-Methodist Conference Office, 1868). <Link to Hathi Trust>
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