"Anger's a short-liv'd Madness, and with Sway, / Rules Sovereign if not tutor'd to obey"

— Whaley, John (bap. 1710, d. 1745)

Place of Publication
Printed for the Author, and Sold by R. Manby, and H. S. Cox
"Anger's a short-liv'd Madness, and with Sway, / Rules Sovereign if not tutor'd to obey"
Metaphor in Context
Wealth to acquire is most Men's sov'reign Care,
And then a Wife to bring that Wealth an Heir.
In Tracts of Waste th'improving Plowshare's seen,
And barren Heaths in fruitful Tilth are green.
Who's satisfy'd, however small his Store,
Should scorn to throw away a Wish for more.
No stately Equipage, no splendid Plate,
No sumptuous House, no Rent-roll of Estate,
E'er gave the fever'd Blood a Moment's Rest,
Or pluck'd one Thorn from out its Master's Breast.
Who thinks to know the use of Joy and Wealth,
Must first be well in Mind, and strong in Health.
Who lives in Fear, or longs with much for more,
Has just such Pleasure from his useless Store,
As Age-dim Eyes from Painting can receive,
Or Musick's Strains to Ears impostum'd give.
The tainted Cask sours all it does contain;
Shun Pleasures, ever bought too dear with Pain.
The Wretch that covets, always lives in Want,
Stint your Desire, Heav'n has no more to grant.
The envious fall to others Joy a Prey,
And as their Neighbours thrive, they pine away;
The Breasts that's Envy's Slave with Pains is prick'd
Beyond what fell Inquisitors inflict.
He who his rising Anger can't controul,
Shall rue the Sallies of his heated Soul,
Shall wish, in Agony of Heart, undone
What Passion will'd in absent Reason's Throne.
Anger's a short-liv'd Madness, and with Sway,
Rules Sovereign if not tutor'd to obey
Keep strongly in the hot rebellious Mind,
Be it with Bits restrain'd, and Curbs confin'd.
The docile Horse in prime of Years is broke
To bear the Rein, or stretch beneath the Yoke.
The Whelp that hunts the Deer Skin round the Court,
Staunch loves the Field, nor ever quits the Sport.
Drink early then, my Friend, at Reason's Bowl,
And fill with wholesome Draughts thy youthful Soul.
If Wine or Gall the Recent Vessel stains,
Each Scent alike the faithful Cask retains.
(pp. 123, 125, 127)
HDIS (Poetry)
2 entries in ESTC (1745).

See A Collection of Original Poems and Translations. By John Whaley, M. A. Fellow of King's-College, Cambridge. (London: Printed for the Author, and sold by R. Manby, and H.S. Cox, on Ludgate-Hill, 1745). <Link to ESTC><Link to ECCO>
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