"Give, the Soul's Conquest, in the Plan's Extent"

— Hill, Aaron (1685-1750)

Place of Publication
Printed for J. Osborn
"Give, the Soul's Conquest, in the Plan's Extent"
Metaphor in Context
Think!--in the Sun-set of a conqu'ring State,
Shou'd Gaul's vain Sons dispute their Conqu'ror's Weight?
Or partial German (socializing Fame)
Bid Indistinction drown connected Name?
Where is the Proof so plain, the Light so strong,
Cou'd shame th'Encroachment, and repel the Wrong?
The Saver of Half Europe, who cou'd save?--
No grateful Pen re-pays the Fame, He gave!
Where cou'd we boast His full-drawn Length, design'd,
In Strokes, that vivify the pictur'd Mind?
Where is that Hand, that, copying from the Heart,
Can trace it's Compass, and its Depth impart?
And, skill'd, to justify deduc'd Applause,
Hunt the due Glory, thro' the darken'd Cause?
Shew Actions done, compar'd with Measures meant?
Give, the Soul's Conquest, in the Plan's Extent?
From laurell'd Councils, wind the Triumph down;
And trust no Pow'r to Chance, to stain Renown?
Drawn, for Eternal Taste, and ev'ry Clime,
Lend Marlbro's lengthen'd Life, to dateless Time?
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At least 3 entires in ECCO and ESTC (1743, 1753, 1754).

See The Fanciad. An Heroic Poem. In Six Cantos. To His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, on the turn of His Genius to Arms. (London: Printed for J. Osborn, at the [Golden-Ball] in Pater-Noster Row, 1743). <Link to ESTC>
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