"[T]umultuous Whims to Faction prone" may justle "Monarch Reason from her Throne"

— Somervile, William (1675-1742)

Place of Publication
Printed for Bernard Lintot
"[T]umultuous Whims to Faction prone" may justle "Monarch Reason from her Throne"
Metaphor in Context
Bendo strip'd first, from foreign Coasts he brought
A Chaos of Receipts, and Anarchy of Thought;
Where the tumultuous Whims to Faction prone,
Still justled Monarch Reason from her Throne
More dang'rous than the Porcupine's his Quill,
Inur'd to Slaughter, and secure to Kill.
Let loose, just Heav'n! each virulent Disease,
But save us from such Murderers as these:
Might Bendo live but half a Patriarch's Age,
Th' unpeopled World wou'd sink beneath his Rage;
Nor need t'appease the just Creator's Ire
A second Deluge, or consuming Fire.
He winks one Eye, and knits his Brow severe,
Then from his Hand launches the flying Sphere;
Out of the Green the guiltless Wood he hurl'd,
Swift as his Patients from this nether World:
Then grinn'd malignant, but the jocund Croud
Deride his senseless Rage, and shout aloud.
Searching "throne" and "reason" in HDIS (Poetry); Found again searching "faction" and "thought" (8/24/2004)
At least 4 entries in ECCO and ESTC (1727, 1776, 1779, 1780, 1790).

Text from William Somervile, Occasional Poems, Translations, Fables, Tales, &c. (London: Bernard Lintot, 1727). <Link to ESTC><Link to Google Books>

Found also in Johnson's Works of the English Poets (1779-1780, 1790) and Somervile's Poetical Works (1766, 1780).
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