"And sweet discourse [is] the banquet of the mind."

— Pope, Alexander (1688-1744), Broome, W. and Fenton, E.

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"And sweet discourse [is] the banquet of the mind."
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Thron'd in omnipotence, supremest Jove
Tempers the fates of human race above;
By the firm sanction of his sov'reign will,
Alternate are decreed our good and ill.
To feastful mirth be this white hour assign'd,
And sweet discourse, the banquet of the mind.
My self assisting in the social joy,
Will tell Ulysses' bold exploit in Troy :
Sole witness of the deed I now declare;
Speak you, (who saw) his wonders in the war.
(Bk. IV)
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The Odyssey of Homer. Translated from the Greek, 5 vols. (London: Printed for Bernard Lintot, 1725-26).
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