"Hypocrisie contracts, there is no Room within, / The Heart is fetter'd and enthral'd by Sin."

— Pennecuik, Alexander (d. 1730)

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Printed by John Mosman and Company for the Author
"Hypocrisie contracts, there is no Room within, / The Heart is fetter'd and enthral'd by Sin."
Metaphor in Context
Hypocrisie a gloomy Influence shades:
Truth sits upon the Brow, and Gladness spreads.
Hypocrisie is hollow, and unsound:
Integrity the firm substantial Ground.
The honest Face is plain, no painting there;
Few Plots hath Truth, but all her Plots sincere.
Truth hath such naked Charms, so matchless sweet,
They can't be copied by the Hypocrite;
Some Flaw discovers, till the artful Cheat.
Virtue, like th'ancient legal Ointment is;
None imitated that, none truly this.
God prescrib'd both, his Signature they bear;
All diff'rent Compounds, diff'rant Figures wear.
The Hypocrite, dull languid Motion makes,
His Heart's untouch'd, for all the Pains he takes:
But heav'nly Gales the virtuous Soul doth move,
Which ventilates, and blows the Flame of Love:
Hypocrisie contracts, there is no Room within,
The Heart is fetter'd and enthral'd by Sin.

Virtue delates the Heart, sublimes the Mind,
An elevating Joy the Virtuous find
Disburden'd of their Load, they leap for Joy;
Nought can their Pleasure Damp, their Peace annoy.
Integrity is bold, doth fear no Wrath;
With Looks compos'd, can meet approaching Death:
Smiles up to Heav'n, and Heav'n smiles down again,
The virtuous Soul finds Joy in midst of Pain.
With infant Sweetness, unto Heav'n appeals:
A lasting Friend, when every Creature fails.
Strong Proof of this, see in Joacim's Wife;
Sentenc'd to dy, she appeals the Spring of Life:
She rolls her self on God, to Him she flys,
Aloud to Heaven the pious Pannel cries.
A sacred Silence, struck the suppliant Crowd;
The perjur'd Judges, in Convulsions stood,
While she darts up a Pray'r, as sweet, as loud.
With so much Ardor, is the Insence sent,
(All saw the Devotee was Innocent,)
Pours out a holy Gush with Angels Air;
Zeal dictates Words, she needs not common Prayer.
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Streams from Helicon: or, Poems on Various Subjects. In Three Parts (Edinburgh: Printed by John Mosman, 1720). <Link to ECCO>
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