"He Steels his Heart, unknowing to repent"

— Wesley, Samuel, The Elder (bap. 1662, d. 1735)

Place of Publication
Printed for Benj. Cowse and John Hooke [etc.]
"He Steels his Heart, unknowing to repent"
Metaphor in Context
No Threatnings make the wayward King relent,
He Steels his Heart, unknowing to repent:
When, see the must'ring angry Storms on high!
Behold the ruddy Vengeance streak the Skie!
The disembowel'd Clouds discharge their store,
File off in haste, and still make room for more;
Whence Fire and Hail in Ruin reconcil'd,
Swept the sad Earth, the future Harvest spoil'd:
Amazing Thunders thro' the Welkin drive,
As the vast Crystal Orb itself wou'd rive.
The Trees no more their leavy Honours wear,
Like broken Arms their shiver'd Boughs appear:
Tall Pyramids their Airy Summits shake,
Deep fix'd in Earth their broad Foundations quake:
No mortal Force the Tempest cou'd sustain,
But Beasts, and Trees, and Men, lie scatter'd o'r the Plain.
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