Long ago Pride and Fraud "Usurpt the Empire of [man's] Mind"

— Gould, Robert (b. 1660?, d. in or before 1709)

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Printed for W. Lewis
Long ago Pride and Fraud "Usurpt the Empire of [man's] Mind"
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The Boards are furnish'd now in ev'ry Room,
And back the Joyful Company are come.
  What e'er the Elements produce,
(For Blessings are no Blessings without use)
  Their Choicest Stores are now purvey'd,
And Tribute to Montano's Board is paid.
  Well does he fill his Sacred Place,
  As well perform the Father's part;
  For no Man cou'd th'Occasion grace
  With a more Gene'rous Heart.
Montano! whom the Vertuous Joy to Name,
The Church's Darling, and the Theme of Fame;
Wise, Nobly-born, Religious, and Benign,
His Nature, like his Office, all Divine:
  And which is now no barren Praise
  In these Degen'erate Days,
But will his Charity and Truth commend;
Kind to the Poor, and Constant to his Friend.
  He does Redeem our Crimes, and show
  What Man was long ago,
  E'er Pride and Fraud, together joyn'd,
  Usurpt the Empire of his Mind,

And turning it about, and fixing there,
Had made us the Reverse of what we were.
Upon this Copious Theme I shou'd dwell long,
Did not the Sprightly Business of the Day
  To Sports and Revels hurry me away;
But he shall elsewhere be our Subject for Pindarick Song.
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The Works of Mr. Robert Gould: In Two Volumes. Consisting of those Poems and Satyrs Which were formerly Printed, and Corrected since by the Author; As also of the many more which He Design'd for the Press. Publish'd from his Own Original Copies (London: W. Lewis, 1709). <Link to ESTC><Link to ECCO>
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