One may be "Lord of [his] own Tenement, and keep [his] Houshold in Order"

— Vanbrugh, Sir John (1664-1726)

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Printed for Jacob Tonson
One may be "Lord of [his] own Tenement, and keep [his] Houshold in Order"
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Now with Submission to my Betters, I have another way, Sir; I'll drive my Tyrant from my Heart, and place my self in her Throne. Yes: I will be Lord of my own Tenement, and keep my Houshold in Order. Wou'd you wou'd do so too, Master; for look you, I have been Servitor in a Colledge at Salamancho, and read Philosophy with the Doctors; where I found that a Woman in all Times has been observ'd to be an Animal hard to understand, and much inclin'd to Mischief. Now, as an Animal is always an Animal, and a Captain always a Captain, so a Woman is always a Woman: Whence it is that a certain Greek says, Her Head is like a Bank of Sand; or as another, A solid Rock; or according to a Third, A Dark Lanthon. Pray Sir, observe; for this is close Reasoning; and so, as the Head is the Head of the Body; and that the Body without a Head, is like a Head without a Tail; and that where there is neither Head nor Tail 'tis a very strange Body: So I say a Woman is by Comparison; do you see; (for nothing explains things like Comparisons) I say by Comparison, as Aristotle has often said before me, one may compare her to the raging Sea; for as the Sea, when the Wind rises, knits its Brows like an angry Bull, and that Waves mount upon Rocks, and Rocks mount upon Waves; that Porpusses leap like Trouts, and Whales skip about like Gudgeons; that Ships rowl like Beer-Barrels, and Marriners pray like Saints; just so I say a Woman--A Woman, I say, just so, when her Reason is Shipwrack'd upon her Passion, and the Hulk of her Understanding lies thumping against the Rock of her Fury; then it is I say, that by certain Immotions, whic. --um --cause, as one may suppose, a sort of Convulsive--yes --Hurricanious--um--Like in short; a Woman, is like the Devil, Sir.
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Sir John Van Brugh, The Mistake. A Comedy. As it is acted at the Queen's Theatre in the Hay-Market. By Her Majesty's Sworn Servants. By the Author of The Provok'd Wife, &c. (London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1706)
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