"His Pleasure sway'd the Empire of her mind."

— Arwaker, Edmund (c.1655-1730)

Place of Publication
Printed for Rich. Parker
"His Pleasure sway'd the Empire of her mind."
Metaphor in Context
Her he preferr'd to his own precious life,
  For she its greatest Blessing prov'd,
  And had not this attempt of Fate,
Too well convinc'd him of her mortal state,
  Had he not thus been undeceiv'd,
He by her form and goodness had believ'd
An Angel, not a Woman, was his Wife.
So firmly, so intirely still they lov'd,
That never two became more truly one:
She had no will, but to her Lord's resign'd,
His Pleasure sway'd the Empire of her mind;
In ev'ry thing, they were so closely joyn'd,
That Death a nicer task did never know,
Than how to make the separation,
To kill the Wife, and not the Husband too.
Searching "empire" and "mind" in HDIS (Poetry); found again in C-H Lion
Only one entry in ESTC.

A Pindaric Ode upon our Late Soveraign Lady of Blessed Memory, Queen Mary: By Edmund Arwaker (London: Printed for Rich. Parker, 1695). <Link to EEBO>
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